Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby, it's hot outside!

Wow.  We sure hit the hot one here in central Maryland this week!  The temps yesterday got up to 102 degrees and this morning it is Hot, Hot, Hot already.  Just makes you want to stay in the air conditioning and stitch to your heart's content!  Which is exactly what I did last night when I got home from work!

I took a picture of my Beatrix Potter and Companion Piece that I stitched a few years ago.  I have them hanging in my dining room and the frames look so nice next to my china closet.  Sorry for the glare.  A photographer I am NOT! 

I was so happy with these quakers that I bought all of the Ackworth Quaker designs that were released by Needleprint but haven't stitched any of them.  Yet.  I am going to have to live to be 590 years old to stitch everything in my "to stitch" pile!

I have been really enjoying stitching an older piece called Prize Your Liberty by Merrilly Beams.  I loved her designs but I think she quit designing somewhere way back in the 90's.   I changed the threads from the DMC that the original was stitched with and chose GA Sampler Threads.  And the fabric is 36ct Flax linen.

Next up is my framed Mary Hannah Gipson sampler.  I am very happy with the end result.  Terri is such a talented framer and she even makes house calls!  When she delivers my framing, it is like Christmas morning.  She knows my tastes and keeps track of everything I have had framed.  Thank you, Terri.  You are the best!


And finally, my progress on Amelia.  Not much progress - the algerian eyelet stitches were getting slightly boring.  But I will probably pick it up soon and stitch away until it is complete.  I have a long weekend coming up this weekend and plan to stitch a lot with Maggie by my side.

Well, I should get back to work.  Oh, yes, that is why I am here!  I hope you are staying cool in your part of the world and enjoying some needlework!

Joanne and Maggie


Friday, June 3, 2011

Amelia and Maggie

What a long, busy weekend!  Then I had to play catch up at work when I came back on Wednesday.

My friend, Bertha, was visiting from West Virginia and we were able to do some stitching - and talking and talking!  It was such a fun weekend but it passed too quickly!  I took a picture of Bertha stitching in my living room but the picture is on my old phone.  I am going to transfer my pictures to my new phone sometime today with my daughter's help.

Here is my progress on Amelia.  I brought the chart to work to enlarge and that has helped a lot.  This "getting old" thing is really getting old!  I am hoping to finish her up this week - this was a very enjoyable stitching project.


I started another old design on Memorial Day called Liberty by Merrilly Beams - a favorite designer from way back in the 80's.  I have stitched quite a few of her designs.  She designed a sweet Wedding/Anniversary Heart Sampler that I have stitched for 9 different people!  I stitched it recently for my stepson and his fiance - they are getting married on June 11th!  I will try to get a picture posted on my blog this weekend.

Mary Hannah Gipson has been framed and absolutely adorable.  I will try to share that one with you sometime this weekend, also.  I have a new phone/camera and learning this new technology is VERY challenging for me!

Here is my little sweetie, Maggie.  She is almost 9 months old and growing like a little pugweed!

I hope everyone is off to a good start with their summer plans.  The weather here in Maryland was very hot on Monday - 102 degrees but a little milder now and low humidity.  Last night the temps got down to 48 degrees - great sleeping weather but it's not going to last!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read my blog.  Hope you have some great stitching time!

Joanne and Maggie