Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sick in the Summer

I have been sick with bronchitis for almost 4 weeks and just didn't have the energy to do much of anything except drag myself to work and back.  After 2 rounds of antibiotic, I think I just might live!  Who gets sick in the summer anyway? 

So, I got my camera out yesterday and took a few shots of finishes and progress on my reproduction. 
I finished Betsy by Sheepish Designs that I had started last year for my Flag Day birthday.  It was stitched with DMC on 36 ct. fabric scrap.  I love the large flower.                                                        
A Stitch in time by The Workbasket was a fun stitch.  The verse on the chart actually reads, "A Stitch in time saves my mind"  but I love the old saying "A Stitch in time saves nine", so I changed it.  I usually make some changes with designs that I stitch unless it is a reproduction.

Merrilly Beams was one of my favorite designers from the80's and 90's.  I have always wanted to stitch Prize Your Liberty so I started it on Memorial Day and finished it a few weeks ago.  I changed all the DMC colors to GAST.  I love how this one turned out and will have Terri frame it for me soon.

My home is the Home of a Needleworker.  Surprise, huh?  A LHN chart finished sometime this spring with the called-for threads stitched on 32 ct. Cream linen. 

 Another sweet little sampler by Merrilly Beams.  I stitched this one with the DMC threads called for on 36 ct. flax linen.

 My progress on Amelia Newark.  Almost finished but the over one is slowing me down. 

 I stitched this sweet little piece for my daughter to remember her sailing trip around St. Thomas.  I changed it from "stitch with me" to "sail with me".  From the Black Bird Designs book, A Stitcher's Journey.  I stitched it with silk threads on 36 ct. fabric, both of which have escaped me right now.  

Well, that has totally zapped all my strength for today.  I need to get into something a little easier, something I don't have to think much about - like stitching! 

 I hope you are having a good summer, staying out of the heat and enjoying a few stitches!

 Joanne and Maggie


  1. Wonderful finishes and WIP! Hope you feel all better soon!

  2. oooo wonderful finishes and wips there ... moppung up lady like drool as i look hope you start to feel much better soon :) love mouse xxx

  3. Your finished work looks great - I like a stitch in time...

  4. So sorry you are sick... nothing worse during the hot summer! I just love all of your finishes... you have been busy! Love the Workbasket sampler and the blues. happy stitching on your next...

  5. They are all so beautiful, Joanne! And how awful for you to be sick for so long...I didn't realize how bad it really was...I hope you are truly on the mend and soon!

    Happy Stitchin'

  6. Joanne,
    Your finish on Prize Your Liberty is just beautiful! I found this blogspot by doing a Google image search for Merrily Beams Prize Your Liberty. I have been looking for this chart for a very long time. I started this sampler, loaned my chart to someone who didn't return it to me. My only hope is that someone somewhere has this chart in their stash because it is OOP now. I would love to finish stitching this sampler
    ~ Candy

    1. Candy - Can you send me your email address?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Joanne,
      Thanks for responding to my email. I removed my personal email from the blog. It's probably a good idea.
      ~ Candy